Small Business Solutions
Small Business Solutions

Energy for Small Business

More energy options give your small business the freedom to grow

Constellation offers a variety of small business energy solutions, including the ability to budget for energy through fixed price options. Small businesses can also choose a variable price option.

Fixed Price Energy Solution

A fixed price energy solution provides you predictability with a fixed rate locked in for a chosen term. With this program you can budget with confidence and avoid potential spikes in energy prices that would directly impact your bottom line.

Variable Price Energy Solution

The variable price energy option is a “market based” solution where your price will vary from month to month, as the energy price fluctuates based upon market conditions. This solution isn’t for everyone, and it is worth noting that customers who choose this rate plan usually have a higher risk tolerance.

Which Small Business Energy Solution is Right for You?

The best way to determine whether your business can benefit most from fixed or variable rate pricing is to speak to an expert. Call 1-888-635-0827 to speak to a customer care representative, and we’ll help you select the small business energy solution that is right for you.


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