Load Response: Ancillary Services
Load Response

Ancillary Services

From time to time, grid operators are faced with issues that may occur from the generation "supply" curve. When this happens, it places the grid in an unstable state and grid operators look for customers that have the ability to react quickly to help satisfy this grid imbalance.

If participation in Load Response is part of your "Energy Strategy" and you find yourself unable to curtail load for long periods of time, or if you feel you can go "above and beyond", then Ancillary Service Programs may be something for you to do in replacement or addition to Capacity type Load Response programs.

Customizing Energy Management

Constellation will work with you or your consultant so that you can make smart decisions in developing your tailored ancillary services plans so you receive payments when wholesale prices are high in return for shedding all or some of your electricity load.

Before submitting a bid, Constellation reviews a business’s historical usage and key factors of its operations. We then provide you the information you need to make a decision on the appropriate curtailment strategy for your business, which may include a combination of:

  • Load shifting
  • Distributed generation
  • Automated controls
  • Load shedding

If you have the ability to reduce load within your facility, Demand Response may be a program you can participate in to earn additional revenue. Have one of our specialists contact you.

Demonstrated Value with VirtuWatt™

VirtuWatt - Constellation's intuitive, online technology solution for managing and analyzing energy usage - simplifies participation in beneficial bid programs.

Ancillary services customers use the VirtuWatt Marketplace to easily make and manage bids with access to real-time pricing and usage information across the enterprise. Users can also track the value of their participation with financial summaries that report bid amounts and dollars awarded per day or month.

Customers also use VirtuWatt Energy Manager to react quickly to changing energy markets.

  • Compare current usage to targets
  • Monitor total grid load and pricing per zone
  • Manage settings of building lights, thermostats and more (in conjunction with a building automation system)
  • View accurate weather forecasts to predict possible demand surges

Customers can access VirtuWatt from desktop computers and mobile devices, including iPhone® and iPad® devices, iOS 4.0 or later.


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