Load Response: Solutions for Utilities
Load Response

Solutions for Utilities

In today's energy market, a lot of utilities are facing a number of challenges where not enough generation, grid congestion, the need for new substations, and regulatory mandates make it difficult to meet consumer demand for electricity.

Rather than building more generation facilities or substations, which can be costly and take a lot of time, or potentially facing rolling blackouts or brownouts or environmental related fines, utilities have other options. Today, they can adopt a load response program that provides a contracted amount of megawatts available for dispatch as needed for peak, economic or emergency deployment.

Load Response is an important part of a utility's overall energy strategy. Occasionally, during peak periods, it is very possible for energy demand to exceed the anticipated supply. Load Response is one strategy to help balance the load on the grid. Constellation helps you manage your load response needs with the following:

  • People - Constellation's highly skilled staff markets, sells, dispatches, designs and executes the Load Response Program.
  • Playbook (Program Manual) - Outlines the program parameters (eligibility requirements, dispatch rules, payment amounts, etc.).Each Playbook is customized to meet the needs of the utility and is developed jointly with the utility.
  • Technology - hardware and software allows us to monitor and verify all aspects of the program. Constellation can easily interface with existing utility interval meters or AMI systems. Constellation can also provide our VirtuWatt hardware and software to monitor customer energy consumption at no upfront cost to the utility or the end customer.

What are my options with regard to load response programs?

Constellation can design and implement Commercial and Industrial Load Response Programs (C&I LR) that provide a contracted amount of firm megawatts for dispatch as needed for peak, economic, or emergency deployment. We customize the load response programs to meet your specific utility needs.

These programs are typically categorized into three basic types - Capacity/Demand Response, Ancillary, and Economic. Learn more about load response.


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