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Rate Response

A New Option to Lower Your Electric Bill    

Rate Response is a unique offering for customers choosing Constellation as both their Load Response provider and power supplier. This offering allows our customers to include the value of their participation in ISO and utility Load Response programs on their power bills. Among the many benefits of this offering:

  • The simplicity of having one monthly power invoice that consolidates all facility energy costs and Load Response offsets
  • Customers can receive their Load Response Revenues in an accelerated manner at the start of their power agreement, often months before Load Response checks would have been received
  • Can directly benefit the facility that receives the power bill rather than a centralized department or general fund
  • Load Response credits will lower power bills, potentially reducing sales tax and other transaction taxes

Rate Response Comes in Two Forms



In the Fixed form, Constellation offers a reduced electric rate (either your $/kWh fixed price or index adder) to reflect the value of your participation in a Load Response program. You realize the value of your Load Response participation with every spin of the meter, without having to wait for checks to arrive.

  • Receive a lower electric price by enrolling in an eligible Load Response program
  • Realize the economic benefit of your Load Response participation with every spin of the power meter -- without having to wait for checks
  • Your power bill with be adjusted in the event your Load Response performance varies from your contracted amount

Pass Through

In the Pass Through form, customers receive the payments from their participation in Load Response capacity, energy or ancillary service programs as credits on their power bill to the item changes for capacity, energy and ancillary services, respectively.

  • Elect to receive your Load Response payments through your monthly power bill
  • Participate in any eligible ISO Load Response program
  • Your power bill will include the value of your Load Response participation

Is Rate Response Right for You?

In order to participate in Rate Response:

  • You must be enrolled or enroll in an eligible Load Response program with Constellation as your curtailment service provider (CSP).
  • Sign a new or renewal power agreement with Constellation.
  • Maintain both the electric supply contract and your Load Response registration throughout the terms.

Click here to learn more about how you might be able to save money with Constellation and to have a specialist contact you. Be sure to check Load Response in the products/services section and refer to Rate Response in the comments.


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