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A lot of businesses today have tremendous potential to manage their electricity costs and risk over time through a range of options - from simple fixed price and index arrangements to a variety of blended solutions.

There may be confusion based on the number of different "standard" offers from various suppliers.

Constellation is in the business of providing a wide array of energy products to enable customers to address their electricity needs and make the best decisions for managing their budgets and guarding against market volatility. 

Sometimes, the lowest rate may not produce the lowest energy cost over time.

Constellation Electricity Options


Fixed Price and Index Price

Explore the benefits and tradeoffs between the two most familiar options for managing your electricity cost. Learn More ›



Like a fixed price, MVPe offers a “set it and forget it” strategy with budget certainty, minus the risk of locking in a single-point-in-time fixed price. Learn More ›


Index Plus Block

Energy decision makers can manage price volatility by layering fixed portions of their usage—creating opportunities to better manage costs. Learn More ›



This set of specific proprietary modules allows customers to execute, analyze and maintain an active, cost-effective energy management strategy. Learn More ›


Flexible Index Solution

With this blended approach, businesses can easily attain a fixed price for a percentage of their usage without the complexity of managing block purchases.  Learn More ›  


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