Energy Solutions for California Businesses

Businesses in California can access a comprehensive portfolio of energy management products and services.


Solutions Available in California

If your business is in California, you can choose from our wide array of fixed and index pricing solutions as well as a full spectrum of energy related products and services to serve your business goals. Your online account information is available for you to access at all times and our innovative and powerful online energy usage and analysis tools can allow you to check usage patterns and compare usage levels at any time of the day for multiple facilities. You can choose product options that work best for you and your business.

Electricity Solutions

To be eligible for our California electricity services, your organization must be located in one or more of the following utility service areas:

Fixed Price

For price stability, you can select a single, fixed price for all electricity usage for the term of your choice.
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For visible, market-based pricing opportunities, you can select our index solution that may be lower than a fixed price or convert to a fixed price at anytime.
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Index Plus Block

Since you are willing to accept more risk, you can purchase electricity at both fixed and index rates.
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For a sophisticated, risk management-based approach, our i2i team can work with you to ensure that your energy purchasing strategy aligns with your financial and strategic goals.
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Natural Gas Solutions

To be eligible for our natural gas services, your organization must be located in one or more of the following service territories:
• City of Vernon
• Long Beach
• SoCal

Choice Program

You can access natural gas premium services and products that are typically reserved for large businesses.
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Energy Efficiency Solutions

Efficiency Assets

To reach sustainability goals, you can reduce capital while focusing on other aspects of running your business.
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Efficiency Services

To reach sustainability goals, you can save energy, minimize costs, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
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Load Response Solutions

Bidding Program

You can sign up to voluntarily curtail electricity usage and receive payments from us based on the wholesale price.
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Capacity Program

You can sign up in advance to curtail electricity usage to earn revenue on a monthly or quarterly basis.
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Renewable Solutions

Wind RECs

Renewable Energy Certificates are available for you to purchase at a fixed amount or by matching a percentage of electricity usage.
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Solar Solutions

On-Site Solar

With this sustainable product, no customer capital is required and incentives are available in your state.
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Direct Access for California

On October 11, 2009, Governor Schwarzenegger signed Senate Bill 695 (SB 695) into law. The bill re-instates retail choice for electricity supply (also called Direct Access [DA]) to non-residential customers in California. While all non-residential customers are eligible to participate in DA, total DA load is capped in each utility service territory. The process by which space under the cap is made available to customers was initially designed as a first come/first served process that was used in four separate phases of customer enrollments. The first-come/first-served submission process used during the initial phase-in is no longer applicable and has been replaced with a “lottery” process that allows customers to submit their Six-Month Switching Notices over a 5 day period. All eligible Six-Month Switching Notices are assigned a random number by the utility. The notices are then listed sequentially, based on the random number, and accepted sequentially until the market cap is reached. This new process is designed to be more orderly and eliminate the frustrations that had occurred under the first-come/first-serve approach.

The first new enrollment opportunity took place in April 2013 and occurs every June starting in 2014. If demand exceeds the amount of space available under the cap, a waitlist will be created to establish the priority for awarding space under the cap that may open up during the course of the year. The waitlist will be re-established each year via this process.

As a service to our current and future customers, Constellation will submit all the paperwork associated with your company's Six-Month Switching Notice(s) on your company's behalf at no obligation. Note: If your company is awarded space under the cap in the DA lottery, you will not be obligated to choose Constellation as a service provider, although we hope you do!

To have Constellation administer the process for you, or if you have any questions about the process, please contact your Account Manager.

If you are new to Constellation, please contact Jay Cattermole at or 925-552-9604 for further assistance.


About Choosing a New Energy Supplier

For a long time, only one company, a utility company, provided all aspects of energy services to businesses in California. But in more recent years, states across the U.S., including California, have developed competitive markets for energy services, providing the opportunity for energy suppliers to compete with each other over the price of energy to power your business.

Where this competition exists, there is potential opportunity for you to save money on your supply costs.

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