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Energy Efficiency

Lower Consumption, Lower Costs

Managing total energy cost over time requires an energy strategy focused on quantity as well as price. Energy conservation measures can go a long way toward lowering consumption and associated costs while achieving sustainability goals and meeting regulatory compliance, like LEED certification.

However, financing for these projects is often an obstacle.

Constellation connects power customers with conservation benefits through Efficiency Made Easy - a unique bundled commodity and energy efficiency solution. Businesses with sustainability goals or mandates can save money and reduce energy consumption by baking in the cost of efficiency projects into a power contract.

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Additional Financing Options

Constellation offers two additional options to help customers plan and execute energy efficiency projects to meet immediate and future energy needs.

Performance Contracting - Many state and local government customers choose the Performance Contracting option to fund building improvements and achieve sustainability goals. With no capital required, the projects are supported entirely by the guaranteed energy savings over time - giving customers an avenue for payment and justification of their investment.

In short, Performance Contracting guarantees returns while avoiding capital investments and associated financial risks.

Design/Build - Some organizations are fully capable of funding energy efficiency projects but need professional energy expertise and delivery experience to reach their efficiency goals.

From designing to installing to monitoring numerous projects, Constellation has helped hundreds of organizations:

  • Identify steps for becoming more efficient
  • Increase profitability and budget control by reducing energy consumption
  • Implement simple cost avoidance measures to maximize savings, which can support other business priorities
  • Realize asset appreciation through facility modernization
  • Attain a more efficient load profile, which positively impacts the price of power
  • Avoid costly operation and maintenance associated with outdated equipment

Energy Efficiency Program Features

High-Impact Measures (included in most energy efficiency projects)

  • Lighting Retrofits - Almost always the quickest payback and most profitable energy conservation measure
  • Building Automation Controls - Comparable to lighting in quick payback and cost-effective savings
  • Water Conservation - Among the most aggressive ROI measures to provide big dollar savings and fast paybacks
  • HVAC Upgrades- Improve efficiency on a large scale

Capital Measures (long-term energy efficiency engagements)

  • Boiler Upgrades - Savings depend on the facility size and heating needed
  • Roof Repairs/Upgrades - Largely critical to facility modernization
  • Insulation/Window Upgrades - Smaller financial benefits but highly desired for increased comfort and aesthetics

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