Price Response Program

Unlock the Economic Power of Your Electricity Supply Agreement


As a Constellation fixed price customer, your company can benefit by voluntarily conserving electricity at times when real-time prices spike due to extreme temperatures, power plant outages, wind disruptions, and other situations identified by Constellation as "Conservation Hours."

During these times, your fixed price agreement protects your company from price extremes in the electric supply rate caused by these events. But your willingness to conserve electricity during Conservation Hours provides the opportunity for Constellation to pay you to use less power. Our dedicated professional staff will notify you of specific times when we are willing to pay you to use less power. You can decide whether you want to take advantage of these opportunities.

Your fixed price remains the same and you may be able to get paid for each Conservation Hour by voluntarily curtailing your load.


Why Choose Price Response?

  • Unique opportunity to get paid for successful program participation.
  • It’s voluntary! You control your level of participation, there are no penalties, and you’re never under any obligation to reduce your consumption.
  • No automation or controls technology required.
  • Program participation benefits the broader power grid.

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