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VirtuWatt is an intuitive, online technology solution for managing and analyzing energy usage. This easy-to-use dashboard enables businesses to implement cost-saving energy strategies and automate participation in load response programs.

VirtuWatt integrates real-time metering and other smart grid technologies to help maximize the benefits of automated load control. The platform is designed to connect users to their independent system operator (ISO), quickly and effortlessly enabling virtual bidding in synchronized, day-ahead, and real-time markets, making it a quick and easy process.

Businesses that use VirtuWatt do not have to call their Curtailment Service Provider (CSP) to make a bid or wait for their monthly utility bill to check energy usage.

Key VirtuWatt Features

  • Provides users with real-time consumption data using 1-minute telemetry.
  • Offers the ability to export usage data to multiple software platforms.
  • Gives access to real-time pricing and accumulated cost calculation, which are useful when building a budget and planning future load reduction strategies.
  • Features a range of customizable widgets such as the ISO load widget that shows when the grid loads up to monitor when/if an event could be called.

VirtuWatt can be easily integrated with other technologies, like pricing information and automated demand response systems, to provide customers with the resources they need to increase the efficiency of their energy management.

Customers can access the application from desktop computers and mobile devices including Droid, iPhone® and iPad® devices.


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