East Lyme High School Solar Installation
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How Solar Power Works for East Lyme High School

The photovoltaic power system that is located on multiple roof surfaces in the high school complex consists of a fixed-tilt, roof-mounted solar array. The project is one of the largest solar installations at a public entity in New England. Constellation estimates the project will reduce electricity costs by approximately 30 percent.​


Project Overview

  • 481 kW DC roof mounted solar installation
  • 2,748 Solar World 175 Watt crystalline solar panels
  • 627,000 kilowatt hours of electricity anticipated to be generated annually
  • 20-year Power Purchase Agreement
  • On-line as of March 2009

Why East Lyme High School chose Solar?

The solar power system at East Lyme High School was developed to produce clean, renewable energy and provide savings to school's annual electricity needs.  East Lyme's solar project satisfies its desire to include green technology in its educational programs for students and municipal residents. ELHS teachers, students and Ecology Club can now study and learn the installed solar system via an online real-time power output and performance data acquisition system.  Many of the math problems and science projects are based on the collected grid data, due to a revised student's curriculum. 

Environmental Benefits

  • Over 20 years, the solar power system at East Lyme High School will generate the same amount of electricity that with non-renewable resources would result in the release of more than 6,680 metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere
  • The equivalent greenhouse gas emissions from 1,344 passenger vehicles
  • During the life of the contract the solar power system will generate enough electricity equivalent to CO2 emissions from the electricity use of more than 854 average American homes
  • Carbon dioxide emissions from more than 15,940 barrels of oil consumed will be saved over 20 years, by using renewable energy

Power Purchase Agreement

By financing this project through a 20-year power purchase agreement, Constellation required no upfront capital from East Lyme High School and kept its power costs fixed at a lower than projected market rates.


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