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Maximize efficiencies, conserve resources and improve performance at every turn.

Constellation offers an understanding of energy technologies, energy markets and the daily challenges of facility operations that is unmatched throughout North America. We provide comprehensive energy solutions - electricity and natural gas procurement and renewable energy supply to demand-side management solutions - that help customers strategically buy, manage, and use their energy.  


Energy Efficiency

Innovative Funding Options for Energy Efficiency Initiatives

Leverage your energy infrastructure. Focus your energy and resources on your constituents.

Constellation offers energy and environmental solutions that help you not only minimize costs, but also save energy, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Our expert, dedicated team maximizes every available resource to deliver solutions designed to achieve your energy, cost-management and environmental goals.


Load Response

Turn Curtailment Into Opportunity

Solutions that offset your energy costs.

Constellation knows cost is more than just a number on a spreadsheet. We are dedicated to bringing innovative, value-driven solutions to your organization. Load Response programs such as those administered by your independent system operator (ISO), can benefit the public sector. Load Response programs call on end-users to reduce energy usage in response to various grid conditions. Agreeing to reduce your energy usage during peak demand events pays you incentives and lowers your energy costs when rates are highest.



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Take advantage of a special offer for government employees and local constituents in Texas.


Explore Your Energy Options



A lot of organizations today have tremendous potential to manage their electricity costs and risk over time through a range of options - from simple fixed price and index arrangements to a variety of blended solutions.

Natural Gas

Organizations can fix all or a portion of their gas volume while purchasing the remainder at a spot or index price. Customers can choose from a host of full-service solutions that range from simple to complex, with varying degrees of budget certainty and risk.

Energy Efficiency

Through the implementation of energy conservation measures, customers can customize solutions to reduce their energy consumption, save money, and be more efficient. Organizations can also save money and energy by combining a power contract with high-impact efficiency measures.

Load Response

Load Response is a diverse offering of solutions that can be combined to create one of the biggest energy cost offsets. For organizations able and willing to curtail energy use in response to various grid conditions, Load Response programs can deliver revenue and energy offsets while minimizing the risk of sudden disruptions.

Renewable Energy Certificates

Gain a competitive advantage and satisfy increasing demands for environmental responsibility. Renewable Energy Certificates are recognized as an effective way to promote sustainable energy, without requiring the development of an on-site renewable installation, which may not be an option for every business or organization.


With no up-front capital required, organizations can choose Constellation to design, build, own, operate, and maintain an on-site or utility scale solar project. Organizations can also choose from other options that best fit their energy strategy and budget.

Energy Solutions to Improve Your Community

We thoroughly evaluate your existing energy infrastructure and usage from point of procurement to final end use. Project design and implementation may include traditional conservation measures such as upgraded lighting, controls, and/or HVAC system retrofits, or new constructions. These measures can be implemented through energy-saving performance contracts that finance projects through guaranteed savings or by including the up-front cost into your commodity rate through our Efficiency Made Easy product.


Constellation, a recognized leader in energy services, has a dedicated team specializing in financial and environmental solutions that can significantly reduce your energy consumption and costs. Our energy assets offering handles everything from building and updating to ownership and operation, in order to meet your ever-changing energy needs and facilitate the efficient generation and distribution of your energy.


Constellation's Offering

Discover your options for leveraging energy assets

Energy Efficiency About Us EME Brochure


Proven Public Sector Expertise

Constellation has worked with federal, state and local agencies to develop innovative energy strategies designed to achieve maximum results. Monetizing your energy infrastructure could be the cost effective answer for you.

WSSC Case Study Metro Nashville

Stevenson University

Cumberland County


Whitepaper: Innovative Funding Options for Energy Efficiency Initiatives

Our expert white paper provides an overview of energy efficiency options and focuses on a new and popular option when capital is constrained, timeframes are tight, and companies need shorter term results and a quicker ROI: In-Electric Rate Funding.

Funding Options for EE White Paper  


Turn Curtailment Ability into Opportunity

Load Response is a diverse offering of solutions that can be combined to create one of the biggest energy cost offsets. For organizations able and willing to curtail energy use in response to various grid conditions, Load Response programs can deliver revenue and energy offsets while minimizing the risk of sudden disruptions.


Bringing Clarity to Voluntary Curtailment

Confusion persists in today's market regarding Load Response options, logistics, and possible risks. Constellation will work with you or your consultant to understand the alternatives and make the best decision for your company as to the extent to which you can participate based on how able and willing you are to curtail, or reduce, energy.

Constellation offers a variety of Load Response options for businesses as part of a total energy management strategy.


Load Response Benefits

  • Monetary compensation beyond savings
  • Cost reductions via lower utility charges and effective quantity management
  • Improved emergency preparedness with advance notice of grid stress
  • Valuable recognition as a good corporate citizen
  • Greater understanding of facilities and energy usage
  • Opportunity to fund other projects with energy savings


Constellation's Offering and ERCOT's Programs

Discover your options – curtailment strategies, energy market participation, automation and controls, distributed generation, and … how to extract the value.

Load Response Brochure Price Response Brochure
VirtuWatt Energy Manager  

ERCOT Peak Response ERCOT Load Response Snapshot


Proven Public Sector Expertise

Constellation serves more than 4,000 government customers in 46 states and Washington, DC, and is uniquely positioned to supply federal, state and local government agencies at all levels.

DWA Case Study Ramapo Case Study

Hilton Hotels

Marriott Hotels


White Paper: Strategic Load Response – Uncovering the Real Value of Your Megawatt Reduction

Our expert white paper provides an overview of a strategic and integrated Load Response program which enables you to monetize specific components of your energy portfolio.

Strategic Load Response – Uncovering the Real Value of your Megawatt Reduction

The Constellation-Lucid Alliance

Constellation has teamed up with Lucid in order to offer Constellation customers a valuable resource to help manage their energy usage. Constellation is offering its customers access to Lucid’s BuildingOS software, and a number of structuring mechanisms to make energy data integration affordable and easy.


BuildingOS is a central platform for your entire team to manage and reduce energy costs

BuildingOS is trusted by facility managers, finance professionals, and sustainability teams at the world’s leading companies and institutions. They use it because they want to uncover low-touch, low-cost efficiency opportunities to help meet their energy conservation goals and affect their bottom line. By placing facility energy data into a central repository, they can increase the level of sophistication of their energy management efforts while also reducing system integration costs.

Whether you’re just getting started with energy management or have spent significant resources on it, BuildingOS can help you maximize your facilities’ efficiency and shed energy expenses.


BuildingOS offers key value-added energy efficiency services to Constellation customers

  • Automated EnergyStar reporting: Never worry about missing a reporting deadline – BuildingOS tracks all your energy data, and uploads and downloads your scoring data automatically.
  • Low/no-cost operational savings for your buildings: BuildingOS can help you determine which actions, like optimizing building scheduling, make sense for your energy needs.
  • Real-time data monitoring for your operations teams: Prioritize energy projects, forecast your buildings’ consumption, and quickly determine project ROI.
  • Occupant engagement features: Since about 50% of energy spend is linked to central building operations, target the other 50% by driving behavior change among building occupants using your own energy data.
Savings Case Study


BuildingOS can be bundled with other Constellation projects

Constellation and Lucid’s alliance allows you to finance BuildingOS through the Constellation energy programs that you are already part of. You can finance BuildingOS and accelerate your energy management efforts by structuring it through Constellation’s:

  • Efficiency Made Easy program
  • Load Response programs


How to get started


Additional Resources

BuildingOS 1-Pager BuildingDashboard 1-Pager


The offerings described herein are those of Constellation NewEnergy, Inc., a subsidiary of Exelon Corporation. Certain offerings described herein are those of Lucid Design Group, Inc., which is not affiliated with Constellation NewEnergy, Inc. or any of its affiliates. Lucid receives compensation for its promotional and marketing efforts from Constellation. Brand names and product names are trademarks or service marks of their respective holders. All rights reserved. Errors and omissions excepted.

All government employees or local constituents in Texas can take advantage of a special offer from StarTex Power when signing-up for one of their residential electricity supply rates*.

Sign-up is simple:

  • Get your current bill and have your ESI ID ready
  • Visit our website at StarTexPower.com, enter your zip code, use the promo code: EmployeeOffer
  • Choose the plan that best meets your needs
  • For more details, see attached flyer: Affinity Flyer (PDF)


*Offer is valid for a limited time. Requires successful enrollment for new customers only in applicable areas. As a government employee, you are eligible for an additional discount off the current StarTex Power residential default rate (posted at startexpower.com) for the specific geographic area. This discount is equivalent to 2 mils. See www.startexpower.com for full pricing terms and conditions.

Seamless Transition of Service

As you transition from your current supplier to Constellation, rest assured that your transition will be seamless, with our dedicated Account Services team. At Constellation we pride ourselves our on exceptional customer service. Meet your Account Services team:


Kathleen Maher, Director
Chris Moore, Account Manager
Jay Beasley, Sales Manager
Kathleen Maher
Chris Moore
Account Manager
Jay Beasley
Sales Manager

Public Sector Account Services Mailbox: GovCustCare@constellation.com


Billing Cycle Continuity & Accuracy

With Constellation, your billing cycle will be continuous, following the same cycle as your current supplier.

Should you have a question or request regarding your bill, please contact us at: GovCustCare@constellation.com

Your Constellation bill will be sent via U.S. Postal Service on or about the 28th of each month (NOTE:  Harris County bills will be sent twice each month on or about the 15th and the 28th).  While your bill will look similar to your current supplier, there are a few areas of distinction. 

Sample Invoice Understand Your Invoice


To access bills and usage reports anytime, anywhere, we encourage you to sign-up for our complementary online service:  myAccount.  Constellation's myAccount website offers a free and easy way to view and pay electricity invoices, schedule price alerts and manage energy decisions efficiently.  Get started today by sending your contact details (name, title, mailing address, phone, fax & e-mail) to:  GovCustCare@constellation.com


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