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Constellation's VirtuWatt iPhone App

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    Constellation's VirtuWatt™ customers with iPhone® or iPod touch® devices (iOS 3.2 or later), can now monitor their power usage and manage their energy strategy from nearly anywhere.

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    So once we’ve entered our username and password and accepted the terms and conditions, we go ahead and log in to the application.

    And we end up at our landing page. Many of the features that we show on this landing page are very similar to the features that are on the full blown web based version of the VirtuWatt application. We default to the customer’s current location, showing the total current usage in megawatts. We also display the current ISO load in megawatts. Additionally we default the weather to your current location and post any system messages that constellation or your other employees may have for you that pertain.

    [Viewing current usage]

    You notice at the bottom of the screen we have several options that we can make. We’ll make this choice to go into our dashboard application and look at our current utilization; just as was displayed on the front page or the landing page of the application we can see that our usage is currently about 27 megawatts. If we want further information we can drill into the advance charging functionality of the VirtuWatt application.

    [Viewing Historical & Real-Time Usage]

    Our historical usage chart, in this example showing the customers usage for the month of July from the 17th to the 23rd shows the customer their usage of energy and then correlates it to the total LMP cost, giving the customer an indication of what their consumption of energy costs them for a certain time period.
    Our real time usage chart shows the customer their energy usage compared to their normal baseline. Our base line calculations are done using ISO based rules, and displayed to the customer in this graph compared to their current utilization. This information can be valuable during times of demand response or to give the customer an understanding of where their energy consumption is, based upon their normal usage of energy.

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