Choose a New Electricity Supplier in Maryland

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Choose a New Electricity Supplier in Maryland

  • Description

    Choosing a new electricity supplier in Maryland is easy. Watch this video to learn how.

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  • Transcript

    Competition for the best deal has been around for a long time, but not for electricity for your home. Today, that’s changed. Now you can comparison shop for electricity, and that’s good news for customers.

    Excuse me. May I ask a question? Why now?

    Many states restructured in recent years and introduced competition into the electricity marketplace, so even though your utility still delivers your electricity they don’t necessary sell it to you.

    Now you can purchase electricity from an array of competitive suppliers, and that’s where the competition bit kicks in. These suppliers can offer varying options, like the length of the contract, the price, and renewable energy options. You’re in control; you pick the supplier that has what you want.

    Does choosing suppliers create problems for the utility company I’ve been with all these years?

    Actually to encourage competition, your utility will direct you to a list of licensed suppliers from your state’s utility regulating agency. Competition allows suppliers to compete with each other over the price of electricity; your utility retains sole responsibility for distribution of electricity.

    Okay so it won’t affect distribution by the utility, but will this affect the reliability of my electricity supply?

    No, reliability is still your utilities number one priority no matter where you buy your electricity.

    This sounds complicated, does this mean multiple bills?
    You’ll still have just one bill from your utility.

    I don’t understand how a supplier can offer a better price than my utility.

    Well, a utility locks in electricity commodity prices from wholesale suppliers and regulated auctions, while competitive suppliers can purchase power at any time particularly when energy market conditions offer favorable prices. The savings are reflected in the form of lower rates and come with other options such as a fixed rate so you know the price of your electricity for the long term.

    And what is Constellation Electric?

    Constellation Electric is a residential electricity supplier currently offering residential service in Maryland. We have a number of electricity supply options that include a one year fixed rate, a two year fixed rate, and even three and five year fixed rate plans. We can also help you make an environmental difference by matching 100% of your electricity with clean wind power sources.

    How do I choose Constellation Electric?

    Choosing Constellation Electric is easy! Before you begin, be sure to have your utility account number with you. It will be on your most recent bill or you can get it by calling your utility. Now go to, choose the plan you like, and then fill out the simple form online. That’s it, three simple steps, it’s that easy, a few minutes to make the switch and you’ll see Constellation Electric and your new price on your next full billing cycle. Visit or call for more information about Constellation Electric and to shop our prices and plans. Times have changed; competitive electric rates and renewable energy options are here. Check out your new options.

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