ComEd Residential Customers Can Save With Constellation

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ComEd Residential Customers Can Save With Constellation

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    Constellation has begun offering residential electricity choice and savings to 2.2 million Chicagoland homeowners and renters. To learn more about residential customer choice and our electricity pricing plans in Illinois, watch the video.

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  • Transcript

    Ever competed for anything?

    Of course, we all have.

    Healthy competition saves us money and gives us options. Now, you have a choice in your energy provider. Just like you choose cell phone and cable companies, you can now compare and shop for an energy provider. In Illinois, energy suppliers are able to compete with each other over the price of electricity while ComEd retains sole responsibility for the distribution of your electricity. So even though ComEd delivers your electricity it doesn’t necessarily sell electricity to you. Now you can purchase electricity from a variety of suppliers. And that’s where good old competition comes in to help you save money. Suppliers can offer various options, like the length of the contract, or the price. That puts you in control, you can pick the supplier of electricity that has what you want and you keep the easy reliable savings.

    What happens to my power during Illinois extreme weather conditions? Will it affect the reliability of my electricity supply?

    No, not at all. ComEd will remain responsible for delivering your power and service is still the number one priority no matter who supplies your electricity.

    How does this save me money?

    The savings are reflected in the form of lower rates. So you know the price of your electricity, you can save from 6% to 12% on your bill today.

    Sounds great, I’d love to hear more.

    We’re Constellation Energy and we’ve been operating in Illinois for over a decade. We supply over 9,000 schools, hospitals, and businesses, including national retailers and fortune 100 companies. The same easy, reliable, cost savings service we’ve been offering to area businesses for years, we can now offer to you and your neighbors.

    What plans do you offer?

    We have a number of options including a one and two year fixed rate plans.

    Will I get a ComEd Bill and a second Constellation Electric Bill?
    You’ll just have one bill from ComEd that includes Constellation costs.

    Sold, where do I sign up?

    Choosing Constellation Energy is easy, grab your ComEd bill and have the account number ready. Now go to, choose the plan you like, and then fill out the simple form online. That’s it, three easy steps, it’s that simple. One simple choice leads to savings month after month. Visit or call 866-577-4700 for more information about our prices and plans.

    Competitive electric rates and renewable energy options are here; easy, reliable, savings.

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