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About the USI Affinity & Constellation’s Energy Procurement Program

Constellation is proud to be the endorsed energy supplier of USI Affinity. USI Affinity provides exclusive access for its members to receive a wide variety of benefits including competitive electricity prices through the USI Affinity’s Electricity Procurement Program.

The program launched in April 2011 and the USI Affinity members will be able to take advantage of more competitive pricing for their electricity. Constellation Energy offers a portfolio of energy products that include fixed price contracts, index contracts and a combination of block and index contracts for a variety of terms, ranging from 12-59 months. By analyzing your energy usage and the needs of your unique business, we can work with you to implement a variety of strategies.


Products & Services

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Electricity Solutions

We help businesses find the solution that best fits their size, budgetary goals, energy needs, flexibility, and risk preference.
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Fixed Price

For price stability, you can select a single, fixed price for all electricity usage for the term of your choice

Index Price

For visible, market-based pricing opportunities, you can select our index solution that may be lower than a fixed price or convert to a fixed price at anytime.

Index Plus Block

Since you are willing to accept more risk, you can purchase electricity at both fixed and index rates.


Your Representatives

For Pennsylvania Inquiries, please contact:
John Costello
Constellation Energy
Business Development
(t) 443-438-0277

For New York/New Jersey Inquiries, please contact:
Stephen King
Constellation Energy
Director of Business Development
(t) 212-885-6459



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New Jersey customers:
Letter of Authorization (LOA) (PDF)

New York customers:
Letter of Authorization (LOA) (PDF)

Pennsylvania customers:
Letter of Authorization (LOA) (PDF)

Pennsylvania customers (First Energy only):
Letter of Authorization (LOA) (PDF)

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