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It can be challenging for organizations to determine which energy management solution will most effectively help them meet their budgets. As the endorsed electricity supplier to the Maine PowerOptions, Constellation can help you develop energy management solutions to protect your bottom line.

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A lot of organizations today have tremendous potential to manage their electricity costs and risk over time through a range of options - from simple fixed price and index arrangements to a variety of blended solutions.

Natural Gas

Organizations can fix all or a portion of their gas volume while purchasing the remainder at a spot or index price. Customers can choose from a host of full-service solutions that range from simple to complex, with varying degrees of budget certainty and risk.

Energy Efficiency

Through the implementation of energy conservation measures, customers can customize solutions to reduce their energy consumption, save money, and be more efficient. Organizations can also save money and energy by combining a power contract with high-impact efficiency measures.

Load Response

Load Response is a diverse offering of solutions that can be combined to create one of the biggest energy cost offsets. For organizations able and willing to curtail energy use in response to various grid conditions, Load Response programs can deliver revenue and energy offsets while minimizing the risk of sudden disruptions.

Renewable Energy Certificates

Gain a competitive advantage and satisfy increasing demands for environmental responsibility. Renewable Energy Certificates are recognized as an effective way to promote sustainable energy, without requiring the development of an on-site renewable installation, which may not be an option for every business or organization.


With no up-front capital required, organizations can choose Constellation to design, build, own, operate, and maintain an on-site or utility scale solar project. Organizations can also choose from other options that best fit their energy strategy and budget.


Market Intelligence Webinar Series
This exclusive webinar series helps you better manage energy costs, connect with expert market analysts as they highlight the key factors currently influencing the energy markets, and understand the energy markets to better manage long-term energy plans and take advantage of near-term opportunities. To register for these webinars, please click on the dates you would like to attend and complete the registration form.


Whitepapers from Constellation
Strategic Load Response: Uncovering the Real Value of Your Megawatt Reduction
Energy cost is typically one of the five largest expenses for businesses. If you are not utilizing a strategic and integrated Load Response program, you may be missing opportunities to earn revenue. Learn new ways to control and monetize specific components of your energy portfolio while integrating key procurement and demand side practices.
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Innovative Funding Options for Energy Efficiency Initiatives
An increasing number of businesses across North America are looking to energy efficiency programs to reduce energy costs and attain sustainability goals. However, implementing efficiency measures can prove challenging when upfront capital, expertise, and resources are limited or unavailable. This whitepaper provides an overview of these options and focuses on a new and popular option when capital and time-frames are tight, and companies need shorter term results and quicker ROI: In-Electric Rate Funding.
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Strategic Energy Procurement: Using Data to Forecast, Plan, and Manage Your Energy Spend
Employing a data-informed energy procurement plan can help companies mitigate the risk of price fluctuation, more accurately budget and forecast, and provide flexibility to lower their energy spend and energy consumption enterprise-wide.
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More on Load Response: Recent webinar recording


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Constellation myAccount is a free online tool for electricity customers to more easily manage their energy costs.

At your fingertips is a free, easy-to-use online service that helps you manage and monitor your electricity accounts and usage. View and pay invoices, monitor energy market price trends, submit service requests, and more. Plus, stay updated on the latest energy market news and policies so you can make informed energy decisions for your company.

When you use myAccount, some of the benefits you can experience include:

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