Energy Choice in Maryland

If you live in Maryland, you have access to energy-focused products and services through Constellation.


Solutions Available in Maryland

Constellation & BGE Home provide a variety of products and services for your home, from heating and cooling systems repair and replacement to electricity and natural gas sales.

Electricity maryland


You have the option to choose your electricity supplier in Maryland. Simply enter your zip code to the right to view available plans.
You may also select from plans that will allow you to green or match up to 100% of your monthly electricity use with wind power sources.

Maryland natural gas

Natural Gas

Maryland residents have the option to choose their natural gas supplier. BGE HOME offers a locked-in, fixed rate plan that provides budget protection from natural gas price fluctuations. Learn more by visiting the BGE HOME website.

Electricity maryland


Constellation provides a solar leasing program with Astrum Solar, offering the opportunity to switch to solar energy for little-to-no-money down for a 20-year term.

Customers can pay as little as $0 to get started and then pay monthly for their solar power (with our Low Upfront Lease) or pay in advance for their solar power and save even more each month on their electricity costs (with our One Pay Plan). Get Started on Astrum's Website 

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Home Services

BGE HOME provides Maryland residents with energy-focused products and services to help make you more comfortable in your home. BGE HOME is the one source for all your heating, air conditioning, plumbing, electrical and appliance service needs, along with window, door and siding upgrades, and much more. Learn more by visiting the BGE HOME website.




About Choosing a New Energy Supplier

Your local utility has always been responsible for supplying and delivering electricity to your home. Now, you have the option to choose who supplies your energy.

Choosing a new energy supplier is easy! Here are the top reasons to choose a new energy supplier:

  • No enrollment costs
  • No additional fees, taxes or charges
  • No service interruptions
  • Continue paying one utility bill

BGE HOME is not the same company as BGE, a regulated utility.

MD Electricity License #IR-228; MD Gas Supplier License #IR-311; MD HVAC #01-7302; MD Master Electrician #7070; MD Master Plumber/Gas Fitter #02-6739; Balto. Co. Master Plumber/Gas Fitter #MP-9502; WSSC #70751; MHIC #2273
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