How Can We Help You?
How Can We Help You?
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We Help Create Environments Where Learning Comes First​​

Intelligent Energy Solutions Return Precious Capital To The Classroom

Budget cuts and draft​y, aging buildings are a way of life in K-12 education, so it's tough to improve energy efficiency while providing a safe and quality learning environment. Fortunately, there's a solution.

With Constellation, you're choosing an industry leader that understands your school system's energy challenges and opportunities. Constellation helps you use energy more efficiently and reduce your energy demand. Our recommendations come with no upfront capital costs—and our savings are guaranteed.

Along the way, we'll monitor energy usage and savings in all your buildings, so you'll know exactly how well your energy program is working.

The result? Lower operating costs, and more money to enrich your learning environments.​

Put Sustainability Into Action

Conserving energy and natural resources is not only healthier, but provides a better environment for generations to come. "Sustainability in Action" is a customized school program, designed by Constellation, which demonstrates the value of a sustainable lifestyle to your students.

A program team leader will work directly with your administrators to help your school benefit the most from the program. Students will learn how to conserve energy, protect their environment, and participate in exciting school fundraising projects such as community beautification and increasing energy efficiency at home and in the classroom. The program provides a wide variety of teaching modules for all grade levels, as well as direct teacher and student support. We can also help you create positive publicity in your community to showcase your efforts.​