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How Can We Help You?
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Flexible Index Solutions

Competitive electricity market prices have seen a fair amount of volatility over the years. Fortunately, businesses now have options for purchasing electricity that could reduce market and timing risks.

Flexible Index Solutions from Constellation offer the potential rewards of both budget stability and purchasing flexibility by allowing you to fix varying load- following percentages of electricity usage up to 100%. All remaining electricity is purchased on Day Ahead or Real Time indices, depending on the wholesale market.

By not locking in 100% of your electric usage all at once, you can actively and effectively manage your energy costs based on market-driven opportunities.

Features and Benefits

With Flexible Index Solutions, business customers can:


  • Start with a lower percentage of fixed price electricity and add layers based on market conditions
  • Fix percentages for any calendar month within the contract dates to work with your business needs
  • Achieve budget certainty by manually layering in multiple purchases and attaining a fixed price prior to contract flow
  • Minimize risk exposure by securing any load remaining on the index if market prices look to be on the rise
  • Opt to fix or pass through the costs of ancillaries, capacity and transmission —depending on the wholesale market rules and system limitations
  • Purchase renewable energy certificates as part of your energy portfolio.


Why Customers Choose Constellation

Constellation provides timely market and price information to help Flexible Index Solutions customers decide when to purchase electricity. Our analysis of historical and forecasted consumption will help you determine how much fixed price electricity to purchase.

Along the way, we support decision makers with detailed assessments of competitive electricity buying options and associated costs and continuous energy market and policy updates.