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Index Plus Block

Index Plus Block customers fix a certain volume of their usage at a specific rate, leaving the remaining unfixed portion on the market-based index rate. Index Plus Block provides businesses with options to layer in portions of your usage to optimize when and how much energy you use in response to market-based prices.

The three options for fixing business electricity supply blocks include:

  1. Base "standard" wholesale block (7 x 24 periods)
  2. Peak blocks (5 x 16)
  3. Off-peak blocks

Any unfixed portion remains on the market-based index rate chosen from either Day Ahead or Real Time indices, depending on the wholesale market.

Features and Benefits

With the Index Plus Block solution, business customers can:

  • Determine how much electricity to purchase at a fixed price and adjust the volume based on market opportunities, rather than locking in to a fixed price that may be at the top of the market.
  • Take a more granular approach by layering in portions of electricity usage to optimize when and how much they use in response to market-based prices—including shifting load from peak to off-peak periods.
  • Avoid paying for extra risk protection (variable load cost).
  • Opt to fix or pass through the costs of ancillaries, capacity and transmission —depending on the wholesale market rules and system limitations.
  • Purchase renewable energy certificates as part of your energy portfolio.

Why Customers Choose Constellation

Constellation can provide pricing information to help you decide when to purchase electricity. Our analysis of historical and forecasted consumption can also help you determine what size blocks to purchase to best mitigate your risk to volatile market prices.