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How Can We Help You?
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Bring Clarity to Energy Strategy

Given the vast amount of information and suppliers in today's natural gas market, businesses often struggle to identify the most cost effective gas procurement strategy for their energy spend. 

Businesses are faced with diverse and challenging objectives. Fortunately, there are several options to be considered to meet those objectives.

Constellation factors in goals and objectives in concert with current and future market risks and opportunities to help customers develop and implement the most cost-effective solutions.

With our transactional price solutions, businesses can fix all or a portion of their gas volume while purchasing the remainder at a spot or index price. We also offer a host of full-service solutions that range from simple to complex, with varying degrees of budget certainty and risk.

Constellation Natural Gas Options:

Managed Portfolio Services

With this simple, full-service natural gas model, businesses receive market intelligence and ongoing management to meet cost-related objectives and save time. Learn More ›


Minimized Volatile Pricing (MVP)

Businesses add this systematic hedging program to their portfolio to flatten price curves, avoid market spikes and improve budget accuracy by purchasing gas over time at pre-determined price targets.  Learn More ›


Managed Procurement Program

This portfolio option diversifies hedging strategies to limit a business's high-price exposure while maximizing its low-price potential. Learn More ›


Natural Gas Choice Program

Small businesses located in competitive markets can benefit from a selection of simple, easy-to-understand solutions. Learn More ›


Utility Alternative Savings Program (Michigan Only)

Through an exclusive agreement, Constellation is able to bring businesses in select Metro Detroit counties an alternative pricing model for their natural gas delivery needs. Savings are just the beginning. Learn More ›

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