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How Can We Help You?
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Renewable Solutions for your Business

A lot of businesses today want to use renewable energy to gain a competitive advantage and satisfy increasing demands for environmental responsibility.

Businesses can easily enhance their energy strategies by procuring varying amounts of green power - up to 100% - and earning certification that validates their efforts.

Renewable Energy Certificates

To encourage the sale of renewable electricity nationwide, a system was established that separates renewable electricity generation into two parts: the electricity produced by a renewable generator and the environmental attributes of that generation. These attributes include the tons of greenhouse gas avoided by generating electricity from renewable resources instead of conventional fuels.

What exactly am I purchasing?

  • Green-e Energy - Certified RECs from wind generating facilities located within the continental United States
  • Support from Constellation's team of experts to help effectively demonstrate your commitment to the environment

Why should I buy RECs instead of choosing a different renewable energy solution?

  • Purchasing RECs is quick and easy while showing your support for the operation and development of renewable power plants
  • RECs allow you to make environmental claims about a reduction in green house gas emissions associated with your electricity use
  • It allows you to demonstrate your commitment to the environment to your customers, employees and other stakeholders

How do I get started and what are my options?

Constellation offers business customers three options for purchasing RECs

  • Bundled Electricity and RECs - Business customers can easily package RECs into their electricity contract up front with a single transaction. This arrangement covers a designated percent of electricity usage for the full term.
  • RECs Only - For business customers looking to add renewable energy to their plan, this option allows them to match a percentage of electricity purchased with RECs or by a fixed quantity. Customers can choose when and how many RECs they want to procure at any point.
  • Alternative Sources - Beyond RECs, businesses have numerous options for renewable energy sources that vary in complexity and cost.