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How Can We Help You?
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Not every facility has space  or capital for on-site renewable installations - but anyone can buy Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) to meet their goals.

How it Works

When a renewable energy facility operates, it creates electricity that is delivered into a vast network of transmission wires, often referred to as “the grid.” The grid is segmented into regional power pools; in many cases these pools are not interconnected. To help facilitate the sale of renewable electricity nationally, a system was established that separates renewable electricity generation into two parts: the electricity or electrical energy produced by a renewable generator and the renewable “attributes” of that generation. The renewable attributes or “green” attributes are sold separately as renewable energy certificates (RECs). Only one certificate may be issued for each unit of renewable electricity produced. The electricity that was split from the REC is no longer considered "renewable" and cannot be counted as renewable or zero-emissions by whoever buys it.

Constellation’s NewMix Wind is comprised of RECs. With the purchase of RECs, you are buying the renewable attributes (i.e. environmental benefits) of a specific amount and type of renewable energy generation. Your purchase of renewable certificates helps offset conventional electricity generation in the region where the renewable generator is located. Your purchase also helps build a market for renewable electricity and may have other local and global benefits.

The renewable certificates in this product are verified and certified by Green-e Energy. Each supplier of renewable certificates is required to disclose the quantity, type and geographic source of each certificate. Please see the Product Content Label for this information. Green-e Energy also verifies that the renewable certificates are not sold more than once or claimed by more than one party. For information on Green-e Energy please visit its Web site,, or call them toll-free, 1-888-63-GREEN.If you want to promote your sustainability efforts and make environmentally responsible energy choices, you can purchase a fixed amount of RECs or match a percentage of total electricity usage through our Green e-Energy certified NewMixSM Wind product. Purchasing RECs may also support businesses that are interested or involved in the EPA Green Power Partnership, EPA Climate Leaders® Program, or LEED Certification.


The Benefits of Purchasing RECs:

  • Purchasing RECs directly supports the operation of renewable power plants.
  • Wind power generation produces zero emissions of greenhouse gases and no harmful pollutants.
  • Utilizes renewable energy resources that are naturally replenished by wind.
  • Buying RECs is an easy way for businesses to support renewable energy.


More About Purchasing RECs:

Attributes represented by a REC include the fuel source (such as wind, solar, hydro, and/or biomass), the actual emissions from the facility, the location and commercial operation date of the facility, and the date the MWh that produced the REC was generated. You can purchase RECs along with your normal power purchase or as a separate transaction.

In addition to providing you with extensive information regarding the renewable energy option, we offer support to our customers in promoting their sustainability effort.

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