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How Can We Help You?
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Considerations for Choosing Solar​

Solar energy continues to grow as a viable economic and practical way for businesses and organizations to achieve their sustainability goals and control their electricity costs. Often, when businesses are determining whether solar is right for them, various questions come to mind. Is there enough of the right kind of space available? Do we use enough electricity for a solar project to make sense? Who is the right solar energy company to work with? How much capital is needed?

Solar - Constellation’s Way

Constellation’s solar solutions typically require no up-front capital investment and have industry-certified measurement and reporting systems designed to provide customers with documentation of their costs, and energy production on a real-time basis. Constellation requires no up-front capital from customers and is able to provide long-term power at a fixed cost, at lower than projected market rates, by structuring large solar projects as Power Purchase Agreements.

Our customers include some of the nation’s leading brand names and organizations, ranging from commercial and industrial businesses to large universities and educational institutions. Find out how they have used solar power for their business by viewing the case studies above. 

Explore Solar Installations

  • Denver Int'l Airport | CO
  • East Lyme High School | CT
  • Patriot Place | MA
  • Benjamin Moore | NJ​​
  • Middle Township Public Schools | NJ
  • Toys 'R' Us | NJ
  • University of Toledo | OH
  • Sacramento (SMUD) | CA
  • University of Maryland Medical System | MD​​