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How Can We Help You?
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Energy Efficiency Solutions with No Upfront Capital

A path for ​reducing your carbon footprint or reaching financial stability is not always clear. Energy has risen to one of the top five expenditures for businesses, and our unique, award winning solution helps play an integral role in achieving your strategic energy management goals.

As you think about renewing your next electricity or natural gas supply contract, imagine reducing your total energy budget and usage through the implementation of high-impact energy conservation measures. Our team will retrofit for efficiency based on your needs and future business objectives.

More than savings

  • No up-front capital required - preserve your capital budget while reducing your carbon footprint
  • Included in your electricity or natural gas price - the cost of efficiency upgrades is embedded in your electricity commodity rate
  • Cost Savings
  • Reduced energy consumption - load profile improvements become effective immediately upon installation of efficiency measures
  • Warranty coverage on entire installation
  • You retain full benefit of the efficiency measures at the end of the commodity contract

What makes it easy?

This unique solution provides an opportunity to pay for conservation measures through in-electric rate funding without a capital expenditure. The costs of efficiency measures are factored into your price per kilowatt hour. You'll realize cost savings through a reduction in consumption, an improved load profile which will positively impact future electricity prices and the ability to meet environmental goals over time.