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How Can We Help You?
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Turn Curtailment Ability into Opportunity

Load Response is a diverse offering of solutions that can be combined to offset your overall energy costs. For businesses able and willing to curtail, or reduce, energy use in response to various grid conditions, Load Response programs can deliver revenue and energy offsets while helping to minimize the risk of sudden disruptions on the power grid.

Strategic Alliance with CPower

Load Response is offered by CPower Corp. through a strategic alliance with Constellation. On November 4, 2014 Constellation and Comverge completed a transaction to combine their commercial and industrial demand response businesses.

The combined business operates as a new standalone company, independent from Comverge and Constellation, named CPower. CPower specializes in delivering a full spectrum of demand response offerings to commercial and industrial customers across the United States.

Bringing Clarity to Voluntary Curtailment

With the variety of Load Response programs across the country, along with their unique requirements, you need an energy provider who has the marketing understanding, the stability and know-how to help you maximize the value of your participation. Through a strategic alliance with CPower, Constellation will work with you or your consultant to help you understand the alternatives and make the best decision for your company based on your ability to curtail energy.

CPower offers a variety of Load Response options for businesses as part of a total energy management strategy. For more information, click here.

Load Response Benefits

  • Monetary compensation beyond energy savings
  • Cost reductions via lower utility charges and effective load management
  • Improved emergency preparedness with advance notice of grid stress
  • Valuable recognition as a good corporate citizen
  • Greater understanding of facilities and energy usage
  • Opportunity to fund other projects with program revenues

Constellation Load Response Options

Constellation Peak Response

Available exclusively from Constellation for existing power customers, this program allows businesses to voluntarily curtail energy use at predicted system peaks and reduce their Peak Load Contribution (PLC), a component that on average makes up 20-30 percent of their bill for the following year. 

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Market Load Response Options

Capacity / Demand Response Programs

Businesses in select regions can earn financial incentives by curtailing electricity consumption when demand exceeds supply. Capacity programs can help manage and aggregate customers' load during these high-capacity demand periods.

Ancillary Services

Businesses who can commit to quick-demand reductions in response to sudden, short-term grid instability, due to abnormal losses of generation or transmission may be able to participate and earn through Ancillary Services programs. These reductions help rebalance the grid and allow operators to deliver a more reliable and efficient supply of electricity to customers.

Economic Programs

Participants can assume the role of "generator" by offering up their ability to curtail energy use at times of high market prices. Businesses have opportunities to bid in proposed load reductions and receive payment if they are awarded.

Energy Efficiency

Your energy efficiency projects (whether already implemented, in progress or even contemplated) may have value that goes well beyond simple energy savings. Now you can maximize the return on your energy investment by working with CPower to monetize your projects as a qualified resource with PJM for up to four years. In some cases, projects may earn utility rebates in addition to PJM payments.