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How Can We Help You?
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Capacity Programs - Demand Response

At times of an electrical grid imbalance, grid operators may need to call for additional capacity to supply the increase in customer demand or other grid conditions. By participating in Demand Response, you become part of a "virtual peaking power plant" to help satisfy that imbalance.

By participating in capacity programs, or demand response, business customers earn financial incentives to reduce their energy usage during high-demand events.

Businesses receive payments based on how much electric load they reduce during an event.

Plus, by reducing the quantity of energy they use - and doing so when prices are typically high - customers can lower their overall energy costs.

Participating facilities also receive advanced notice of grid stress and help prevent brownouts and blackouts that might otherwise affect their operations.

Custom Energy Management

CPower will work with you or your consultant so that you can make smart decisions in developing a tailored energy curtailment plan that can deliver maximum benefits with minimal disruptions. These plans can include:

  • Moving production to or adding another shift
  • Adjusting lighting and building temperatures
  • Activating back-up generation

For those that choose not to participate in a load response program, there’s a risk for brown- or blackouts without the ability to both receive notification from your utility that the grid is under stress or compensation for reducing electricity usage.

If you have the ability to reduce load within your facility, Demand Response may be a program you can participate in to earn additional revenue. 

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