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How Can We Help You?
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Constellation Peak Response

Each year, businesses pay Peak Load Contribution (PLC) charges that account for 20 to 30 percent of their total electric bill. There is a simple way to significantly lower these charges - and overall energy costs.

Through our exclusive Constellation Peak Response program, business customers are notified of predicted peak hours as infrequently as twice per year.

The peak hours are the hours utilities may use to determine a customer's capacity and/or transmission charges for the following year. The less energy used during the peak hours this year, the lower the costs for next year.

Constellation's Peak Response program is available to both fixed price and index customers. Customers with a fixed price still enjoy greater budget certainty, plus they gain the potential for their capacity and/or transmission costs to go down. Customers buying their power on index may secure additional savings, as peak load hours generally coincide with some of the highest energy price hours of the year.

A Three-Step Strategy

Here’s how Peak Load Management works:

  1. Constellation's load response team monitors grid consumption and weather to predict the peak setting hours of the year.
  2. The team alerts customers of the predicted Peak Hours with a Day-Ahead email notification, as well as a Day-Of reminder.
  3. When peak days and hours arrive, businesses simply curtail their energy use (on a strictly voluntary basis).

The Constellation Advantage

Constellation leverages its wholesale electric market expertise to predict peak-setting hours. Constellation will attempt to correctly predict these hours with the fewest calls possible to help minimize the impact on your operations and maximize savings opportunities.

Constellation Peak Response is entirely voluntary and there are no obligations to participate. If you do not respond during an event, there is no penalty and you merely forego the savings opportunity.

Constellation has a proven track record of correctly forecasting the peak setting hours with a limited number of calls, minimizing the impact on your operations and maximizing savings opportunities. To show you our confidence in our peak hours forecasting, Constellation will only charge for this service if we correctly predict the peaks and your capacity and transmission tags are reduced.


If you have the ability to reduce load within your facility, Load Response may be a program you can participate in to earn additional revenue. Have one of our specialists contact you.