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How Can We Help You?
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A Clear Choice to Powering Portland. The Constellation Difference.

We are a leading competitive retail power supplier to business customers in the country, offering a strong balance sheet, competitive power offerings and market expertise you'd expect from America's Energy ChoiceSM.

Constellation's Commitment to the Pacific Northwest

Whether it is Constellation’s Portland office, our locally based wholesale experts, or managing the output of regional wind farms, hydro power, and transmission assets in the region, we are committed to Oregon and the broader Pacific Northwest region. This extends to working with our non-residential customers that have the opportunity to purchase electricity from suppliers other than their utility. Our philosophy is to help customers determine whether electric retail choice is a viable option for their businesses. As America’s Energy ChoiceSM, Constellation is committed to promoting and participating competitive energy market throughout the country. Constellation offers a variety of power products to meet your business’s needs.

What Direct Access Means to Business Customers

During specific times of the year, larger non-residential customers have the opportunity to leave Portland General Electric’s Annual Cost of Service retail tariff. Customers making the decision to leave elect to purchase their power through a third-party retail supplier. This is referred to as “Direct Access.”

Several factors go into making the important decision to leave PGE’s Annual Cost of Service retail tariff. Many of our customers around the country elect Direct Access competitive service because it offers “price predictability” as an alternative to protect against increasing and/or volatile rates available through their traditional utility service. For instance, did you know that PGE’s non-residential rates are up 25% over the past 10 years1, have fluctuated by an annual average +/- 4% since 2005, and are estimating a customer price impact of 12–14% related to new generation expected to be put in service over the next couple of years3. See the chart below for more on PGE’s C&I price trend over time.

Other customers have selected Direct Access competitive service to achieve renewable energy sustainability goals and objectives and to work with a partner supplier that can help them not only manage price but also identify energy efficiency opportunities to reduce usage and overall energy spend.

Constellation is here to help you find the option that works best for you. It starts with a conversation.


Download the Annual Compiance Report here. 


1 U.S. Energy Information Administration, 2005 through May 2014 YTD.
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3 Portland General Electric’s Earnings Conference Call, Second Quarter 2014.

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