Baltimore's National Aquarium Champions Energy Management

Constellation and the National Aquarium in Baltimore is engaged in a 25-year competitive electricity supply agreement that allows the Aquarium to better manage energy costs and encourage the development of renewable power in Maryland. The project started with a comprehensive energy audit of the Aquarium's facilities, which resulted in the identification of potential savings opportunities of more than $235,000 in energy cost savings per year.

The first step of the project included LED lighting replacements and updating installations throughout the entire facility, which is expected to reduce carbon emissions from the Aquarium by 12,300 metric tons a year (that’s equal to taking nearly 2,600 cars off the road!). Another important aspect of this project involved the incorporation of solar energy to supply approximately 40 percent of the Aquarium’s total electricity load. Constellation funded and constructed the 4.3 megawatt (DC) grid-connected solar generation project in Cambridge, Maryland, which was completed in March of 2015. Finally, the Aquarium signed a long-term power agreement with Constellation, which allows the customer to receive a fixed price for electricity supply equal to the amount of power generated by the solar facility while retaining the ability to purchase the remainder of its electricity supply at market rate under Constellation's flexible index program.