SEPTA Facilities Receive Efficiency Upgrades

The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority (SEPTA) is a regional public transportation authority that serves counties in and around Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. To improve energy efficiency and safety within their train and bus repair shops, SEPTA sought a partner to provide improved workspace environments for their employees and significant corporate savings throughout the line of a new energy performance contract.

Prior to the efficiency project, the repair shops had been heated by convection boilers that were effective at warming air, but ineffective for heating spaces with high ceilings. To address the problem of the convection heat rising and leaving the lower portion of the room cold, Constellation used an innovative approach, replacing aging boilers with infrared heaters mounted to the ceiling. Infrared heaters send heat rays to the surfaces beneath them, which are absorbed by the surface and transferred to workers on the floor. 

Focus was also placed on improving existing lighting by upgrading the technology with state-of-the art retrofits and lighting replacements. Constellation’s goals were to maintain or increase lumens, generate substantial energy savings, and reduce maintenance costs. Annual savings from lighting upgrades include an expected $200,000 for train cars and $360,000 for all buildings over the 17 years, as well as an anticipated $527,000 for additional train cars over 10 years.