Developing Tomorrow’s Energy Leaders, Today

Constellation E2 Energy to EducateSM grants inspire students to think differently about energy.  Through this unique grant program, Constellation has offered over 100,000 students in grades 6-12 and college opportunities to enhance their understanding of science and technology, and experience problem-solving today’s and tomorrow’s energy challenges.

E2 Energy to Educate – Innovation Themes - Updated for 2021!

Constellation is seeking proposals for hands on projects which engage 100 or more students, within the follow themes: 

Equity in Energy

· How can we engage underrepresented groups in the energy sector?  How can we create pathways to STEM and energy careers for students of color, women, and other underrepresented groups?  How can we best engage underrepresented customers?  With intentionality, we can increase diverse perspectives and representation in energy careers and reach underserved communities with energy innovations.

· Sample Topics:  Energy Careers & Workforce Development, Energy Projects for Underserved Communities, Environmental Justice

Sustainability as a Lifestyle

· How will new technologies & artificial intelligence transform our home energy usage in the future?  What will the future of transportation look like?  How can our daily choices in transportation and in our home create a more sustainable future?  New technologies can power us into a cleaner energy future via electrification and sustainable choices.  

· Sample Topics:  Electric Vehicles, Electric Buses, Clean Energy Choices, Onsite Generation & Storage, Smart Home Energy Tech, Energy Efficiency, Home Energy Data

A Sustainable World

· Which energy sources & choices have the greatest current and future potential to mitigate against climate change?  What if we could harness and store energy that would otherwise be wasted?  How can businesses, schools, governments, and communities take action through policies and programs to move us toward a cleaner energy future?  The sustainability movement is catching on in energy thanks to innovative technologies and growing advocacy..

· Sample Topics:  Low Carbon Energy, Clean Energy Sources & Technologies, Energy Advocacy, Sustainability Program Design, Waste to Energy, Combined Cycle Biomass, Onsite Generation & Storage, Energy Efficiency, Fuel Cells