About CTV

Constellation Technology Ventures (CTV) is the venture investing organization within Exelon Corporation, the nation’s leading competitive energy provider. CTV invests in companies representing innovative energy technologies and business models, building a portfolio that represents a broad range of development stages and technology types. CTV adds value to its portfolio companies beyond its capital investment by actively working with company leadership to deploy the company’s products via Exelon’s commercial platform.

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CTV's Portfolio

CTV is always investing in and working with new, emerging technologies. Click below to learn more about different products Constellation offers or visit CTV's website.

  • Bidgely
  • C3 Energy
  • ChargePoint®
  • CoolPlanet
  • eCURV
  • Organic Response
  • PosiGen
  • Powerhouse Dynamics
  • Proterra
  • Sparkfund
  • Stem
  • VGrid Energy Systems 
  • QNovo
  • XLhybrids