Focus on Monitoring Your Energy Consumption with Powerhouse Dynamics' SiteSage®

Powerhouse Dynamics allows you to monitor your energy consumption

SiteSage includes both hardware and software combined to provide centralized HVAC control, remote control of lighting and other key equipment, and central monitoring of electricity, gas, water, temperature and renewable energy. The innovative SiteSage platform provides enterprise visibility into facilities and equipment with patented, real-time data analytics and monitoring.

Constellation’s Efficiency Made Easy (EME) Program Can Fund Installation & Operational Costs

Utilize the EME program to fund both the installation and services of Powerhouse Dynamics' SiteSage as a part of your Constellation energy supply contract. The cost of installation, maintenance and warranties for the platform are spread across your Constellation supply contract and show up as a monthly line item on your bill.

Optimize Your Facility Operations

Optimize your facility operations with Powerhouse Dynamics' SiteSage software

Granular monitoring and patented analytics deliver actionable intelligence—accessible in real time, anytime, through a browser or mobile device. You’ll be able to detect water leaks, benchmark facilities against each other, and identify equipment operation. SiteSage software is offered as a service with frequent and automatic enhancements. Powerhouse Dynamics even has a service contract offering that includes a team dedicated to your business.