Battery Storage Solutions for Eversource Utility Customers

A significant portion of a typical commercial and industrial customer’s electricity bill is connected to the timing of energy use. Leveraging a smart battery storage solution can help you monitor and control your energy usage 24 x 7 x 365. This level of control allows you to optimize energy usage patterns to take advantage of current and future opportunities to reduce costs.

Energy Optimization Services Program (“EO Program”): Constellation’s storage solution combines battery technology with intelligent optimization algorithms to automatically dispatch the system, helping customers lower their peak-based costs including demand and capacity.

Customer Benefits

  • Lower your transmission and distribution demand charges from the utility 
  • Lower your peak load contribution (PLC) and reduce your future capacity costs 
  • Real-time energy use monitoring 
  • MassCEC has provided CNE with a grant to help reduce the costs associated with the EO Program

Solution Overview

Constellation is leveraging the resources and expertise of our strategic provider, Stem, in the installation, ownership, operation, and maintenance of the Battery Systems.

  • Guaranteed savings 
  • No upfront costs 
  • Turnkey installation 
  • Expandable system 
  • Service fee includes monthly subscription as Stem maintains ownership of the Battery Systems, installation, operations and maintenance and removal at the end of your participation in the EO Program
  • Costs included on your commodity bill

MassCEC ACES Grant Program

The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) and the Department of Energy Resources (DOER) awarded Constellation $1.25M in grant funds to develop behind the meter battery storage solutions for C&I customers in the Boston Eversource utility zone

  • Grant funds provide a significant reduction in project costs 
  • Eight (8) early-adopter sites available on a first come, first served basis 
  • Limited Opportunity – contact us today to learn more