One Fixed Price for All Usage.

With a fixed price strategy, companies can purchase years’ worth of power, locking in the current price for the duration of the contract. This method ensures cost certainty over the life of the contract, which can help with long-term budgeting. A fixed price covers all of your usage so you aren’t exposed to market price changes; you pay one fixed price per kilowatt hour (kWh) for all of your electricity usage.

*Product availability may vary by state and customer class 

Solution Benefits

  • Price Certainty- One fixed price for all usage. 
  • Simplicity- Make a one-time decision and get an easy-to-understand bill.
  • Easier Budget Management- Manage to your budget because the price is fixed in advance for all usage.
  • Usage Variance Protection- Keep a fixed price, even when your usage varies from events beyond your control—such as a long summer heat wave.