Fixed* or Secured Price

Businesses value stability and simplicity in managing their electricity supply. Achieving clarity into monthly spend and avoiding volatility risks are a priority for many. A fixed price covers all of your usage so you aren’t exposed to market price changes; you pay one fixed price per kilowatt hour (kWh) for all of your electricity usage. One-time decision, one price, one simple bill.

We manage the risk so you can relax.

Solution Benefits

  • Price Certainty—One fixed price for all usage. 
  • Simplicity—Make a one-time decision and get an easy-to-understand bill.
  • Easier Budget Management—Manage to your budget because the price is fixed in advance for all usage.
  • Usage Variance Protection—Keep a fixed price, even when your usage varies from events beyond your control—such as a long summer heat wave. 

For more information, please read our Fixed Price Product Sheet

*Product availability varies by state and customer class


  • Ancillaries, capacity and transmission can be fixed or passed through, depending on the wholesale market; if fixed, they are included in your contract price.
  • Purchase renewable energy certificates (RECs) to ‘green’ a percentage of your usage.
  • Leverage MarketWatch—a program designed to help customers proactively monitor market activity in reference to a set target price.
  • Manage your supply with Information to Implementation (i2i)—a service that delivers comprehensive insight, tools and reports.