Information to Implementation (i2i)

i2i removes the guesswork of power purchasing. Understand your options, take a proactive approach in developing specific energy strategies and manage your energy costs. With i2i, Constellation provides the tools and experienced market experts to successfully determine what quantity of load to fix and when, what timeframe to consider, and gain insight into a proactive energy management strategy.

Solution Benefits


  • It's thorough. i2i provides customized planning to your specific business needs and risk profile, advanced budget tracking, the latest market information, and valuable decision support.
  • It's user-friendly. i2i produces custom reports designed to be used by the business world, not just the energy industry, so your business can track its actual performance against budgets and forecasts.
  • It's dynamic. i2i helps you refine the plan and strategy over time with automated reports that track performance monthly so you can make adjustments based on market conditions. 
  • It's offered at no extra cost. i2i is an added value of doing business with Constellation. 

For more information, read our Information to Implementation Product Sheet