Information to Implementation (i2i)

Understand your options, take a proactive approach in developing specific energy strategies and manage your energy costs. With i2i, Constellation provides the tools and experienced market experts to successfully answer these questions:

  • How do I know what quantity of my load to fix and when?
  • What forward timeframe should I consider?
  • How will I gain the insight needed to actively manage my strategy?


i2i Removes the Guesswork

It's hard enough to devise an energy purchasing strategy in a static market. Put that target in motion with fluctuations in energy pricing over time and your challenge becomes exponentially more complex. Here's why it works for Constellation customers:  

  • It's thorough. i2i provides customized planning to your specific business needs and risk profile, advanced budget tracking, the latest market information, and valuable decision support.
  • It's user-friendly. i2i produces custom reports designed to be used by the business world, not just the energy industry, so your business can track its actual performance against budgets and forecasts.
  • It's dynamic. i2i helps you refine the plan and strategy over time with automated reports that track performance monthly so you can make adjustments based on market conditions. 
  • It's offered at no extra cost. i2i is an added value of doing business with Constellation.


i2i at Work

How companies are using i2i to their advantage:

  • Managing price volatility
  • Controlling energy budgets
  • Taking advantage of market fluctuations
  • Reducing the risk of locking in high rates
  • Managing power costs efficiently over time
  • Receiving alerts about market developments that may impact their bottom line