For businesses seeking protection from the volatility of the natural gas market, Constellation's Minimize Volatile Pricing (MVP) program offers a systematic solution. Businesses using MVP's time-diversified gas purchasing approach greatly reduce market and timing risk.

Customers realize cost advantages as MVP's mathematical algorithm identifies points in time to buy more natural gas supply when prices are historically low and less gas at historic market high points. Ultimately, MVP's diversification strategy removes guesswork and adds transparency to the process of purchasing natural gas.

Solution Benefits

  • Meet or beat the market- By securing more natural gas future supply when prices historically are low and less when prices are high, you can average your overall cost
  • Automated, systematic purchasing- This strategy is based on accurate, historic and forecasted pricing
  • Invest less time and resources in managing energy- By automating your purchases and relying on Constellation's algorithm, you can focus more on business priorities
  • Proven history of success- MVP dates back to the mid-1990s and has a proven history of benefiting businesses by flattening curves and avoiding spikes in the volatile natural gas market