Managed Portfolio Services

A lot of businesses are looking to actively manage risks and costs in today's natural gas market - but they do not have the time or market information necessary to achieve their energy goals. Rather than hiring specialized staff, businesses can gain an instant extension of their in-house energy management team through Constellation's Managed Portfolio Services. 

In addition to providing natural gas, our Managed Portfolio Services team will develop and implement a customized energy strategy that meets a business's cost-related objectives, even as these goals change.

Diversified energy strategies could include natural gas procured via: 

  • Point-in-time pricing - Customers actively lock in to gas prices or ask Constellation to watch the market for a target price
  • Weighted average cost of gas - Customers pay the spot market price for gas consumed each month
  • Minimized Volatile Pricing (MVP) - Customers enroll in this program to automatically and systematically hedge portions of their gas volume over time through established targets

Features and Benefits

  • For those with limited time, dedicated account managers help implement risk management programs and transform market intelligence into cost-effective procurement choices.
  • Customers can receive credit support as well as help with the procurement, delivery and management of physical gas supply.
  • Customers can increase their purchasing power by joining with other Constellation customers for effective volume management.
  • Customers get the help they need to mitigate utility constraint days and manage the daily balancing/storage of gas. 


Managing natural gas accounts no longer requires extensive investments of time or resources thanks to EnerPro - Constellation's comprehensive online energy management tool.

Managed Portfolio Services customers in any region can quickly view commodity summaries, confirm transactions, track forward hedge positioning and monitor their gas usage in near-real time even across multiple facilities.

Daily and weekly intelligence reports and email alerts keep customers up to date on NYMEX trends, market changes, nomination notices and more. EnerPro also keeps all vital account and invoice information just one click away.