Managed Portfolio Services

A lot of businesses are looking to actively manage risks and costs in today's natural gas market - but they do not have the time or market information necessary to achieve their energy goals. Rather than hiring specialized staff, businesses can gain an instant extension of their in-house energy management team through Constellation's Managed Portfolio Services (MPS). 

In addition to providing natural gas, our MPS team will develop and implement a customized energy strategy that meets a business's cost-related objectives, even as these goals change.

Solution Benefits

  • Dedicated account managers- For those with little time, we can help implement risk management programs and transform market intelligence into cost-effective procurement choices.
  • Credit support- Customers can receive support well as help with the procurement, delivery and management of physical gas supply.
  • Effective volume management- Customers can increase their purchasing power by joining with other Constellation customers.
  • Mitigate utility constraint days- Customers can get assistance mitigating these days and manage the daily balancing/storage of gas.