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The Michigan Easement Program offers discounts that no other energy supplier can offer in your area. As a DTE energy customer this program can set up a fixed rate for your business' natural gas and receive discounts on distribution charges.

Who is eligible for the Michigan Easement Program?

If you are a DTE Energy business customer in the Natural Gas Distribution Service Area indicated on the map below, you are eligible to enroll to lower your natural gas delivery costs for your business.

How does this program benefit natural gas business customers?

There are 3 ways our program affects the line item charges that you currently pay on your DTE Energy bill.

Michigan Easement Program FAQs

What will change if Constellation becomes the natural gas supplier for my business?

The only changes that occur are the charges on your bill. Your utility will still read your meter and deliver natural gas to your business. It will also handle emergency and outage calls as it has in the past. 

Will there be any interruption in my service due to new equipment?

There will be no interruption in your service because there is nothing to install. Natural gas will be delivered to your business through the existing pipes. Even the meter stays the same.

Is there a risk with moving my business to Constellation?

There is no risk. Millions of businesses and residential customers have already moved to Constellation for their natural gas supply.

With energy prices fluctuating, how do you ensure a fixed rate?

We buy natural gas during select market opportunities to secure your price. This way, you don’t have to worry about your rate changing during the term of your fixed price contract.

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