Energy choice allows you to choose your electricity supplier
With electric choice, you can choose a new energy supplier
Energy Choice

It’s Your Choice

In recent years, states across the country have developed competitive markets for energy, enabling customers to choose who supplies their electricity or natural gas. There was a time in the United States when every household dealt with one utility company. That company delivered electricity and natural gas energy to your home and set the price for those energy supplies, usually with the state government's regulatory approval.

Starting back in 1977, lawmakers in 17 states began to change their regulations in order to allow energy suppliers to offer natural gas and electricity to its citizens, usually at lower rates than the local utility company could offer. That, in essence, is what energy choice, is all about: giving consumers the freedom to choose their own
energy supply.

Energy Choice is still fairly new in many parts of the U.S. Customers that are located in states offering Energy Choice have already experienced the benefits: more competitive energy prices, improved customer service, and technological and product innovations.

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About Energy Choice

Your energy service consists of two parts – your energy supply and your energy delivery. Your utility, responsible for your energy delivery, plays an important role in the process, including:

Choosing a new supplier is easy. Here are quick facts regarding Energy Choice and what you can expect from choosing a new electricity or natural gas supplier:

  • Ensuring your energy supply is safely delivered to your home, tracking your energy usage, maintaining the infrastructure (pipes and wires) and, in most cases, sending you your bill (only now, there's a line item for either your electricity or natural gas supplier).
  • Educating residents about energy competition since they make their profit more on the maintenance and service of your home. Many utilities list energy suppliers like Constellation on their website.

Each state has its own utility commission that regulates utilities, which provide essential services to the public including energy, telecommunications, water, and transportation. You are not required to switch to a new energy supplier and have the option of remaining a customer of your current utility.

If your state offers energy choice, you can also find more information from the utilities commission serving your area.

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