How Can We Help You?
How Can We Help You?
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Who is Sunrun?

Sunrun was founded in 2007 and operates in 15 states across the U.S.  Sunrun’s vision is to create a planet run by the sun.  They have helped hundreds of thousands of homeowners make the switch, and they are ready to help you too.  Sunrun allows homeowners to have a custom solar system without a significant upfront investment.

We chose to work with Sunrun because they make going solar about as easy as it gets.  You can rest easy knowing they monitor the solar panel system performance, provide full insurance and a money-back performance guarantee.


Why choose Sunrun?

  • Sunrun has over 17 years of experience.
  • They customize every solar installation to fit your home and your electricity needs.
  • Sunrun offers guaranteed production – If your system underperforms, Sunrun will refund you for lost power. If your system over-performs, you keep the excess power at no extra charge.
  • Sunrun takes care of maintenance, monitoring and insurance, so you can have peace of mind that if something breaks, they will fix it for free.
  • No-hassle contracting.


Where is solar available?

Maryland, New Jersey, New York and Massachusetts.


It’s easy to go solar.

If you can answer ‘yes’ to these questions then it’s time to talk to Sunrun about going solar.

  • Do you own your own home?
  • Have a roof with good sun exposure and in good condition?
  • Spend on average $100 a month on your electricity bill?