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Choosing A New Supplier 

Q. Do you have any green or renewable energy plans?

A: Our affiliate Constellation Electric offers renewable electricity plans to Maryland residents at this time. We are not offering green or renewable energy plans to any other residential customers at this time. But we do offer green and renewable energy plans for our business customers in states where we offer competitive electricity and natural gas service.

For more information about green and renewable energy for your business, please use the link below.​

Commercial Business


Q: Where do you offer residential natural gas service?

A: We currently provide natural gas services in Ohio through our residential Natural Gas Program, and new areas are always under consideration.​


Q: Where do you offer residential electric service?

A: We currently offer electricity services to residents in New Jersey and our affiliate Constellation Electric offers the same service to Maryland residents at this time. New areas are always under consideration.​


Q: Can I cancel my service with Constellation if I’m not satisfied?

A: Absolutely.  Please review our Terms & Conditions to review the details and the applicable termination fee.​


Q: If I choose Constellation, will it impact my participation in state assistance programs that help me with my energy bill?

A: No, your participation will remain the same and your participation in state assistance programs will not be jeopardized.​


Q: If Constellation lowers its fixed price after I sign up, do I qualify for the new rate? What if the rate goes up?

A: When you select a plan and corresponding price, the fixed price will remain the same throughout the fixed price period of our agreement with us. Please refer to Terms & Conditions, for more details about the Variable Monthly Price as well as other Pricing Terms.​


Q: Will my local utility treat me differently if I buy power from an alternate energy provider?

A: No. Your utility is bound by law to provide equal service to all of its customers regardless of your provider of electricity or natural gas supply.​


Q: Will Constellation need to replace any existing electrical or natural gas service components such as service wires, transformers, meters, or pipelines at my location?

A: Physical modifications are not required because we deliver electricity and natural gas through the same transmission and distribution system owned and operated by your current utility. Your utility will continue to service all equipment as well as respond to any power outages, and you will continue to be charged for those services directly by the utility.​


Q: Do I have to notify my utility?

A: No. Once you have signed up for one of our pricing plans, we will take care of contacting your current utility on your behalf. You will receive a notice from your utility confirming your selection of Constellation as your electricity or natural gas supplier.​


Q: Is my personal information safe?

A: Yes, we are required by law to keep your information confidential.


Q: What steps do I need to take to choose a new supplier?

A: The process is easy:

• Have your utility account information ready.

• Review our pricing plans.

• Carefully read the terms and conditions for your plan.

• Choose the plan you like and fill out the simple form online​.


Q: Before choosing a new supplier what other factors should I consider?

A: We suggest that you look at your current bill to see how much you are spending on electric or natural gas generation supply, learn what your savings could be, do adequate research and do not hesitate to ask questions.


Customer Care

Q: If you decide to stop offering services in my area or if my utility goes out of business what will happen?

A: If the third party provider currently providing service to you discontinues service, your utility would continue to provide service to you as your provider of last resort at applicable tariff rates. For further questions, please contact your state’s public utilities commission.​


Q: Will you look at my credit report or a recent credit statement before confirming my enrollment as a new Constellation customer?

A: No. But we reserve the right to determine if your credit standing is satisfactory for originating or continuing electricity or natural gas supply service to you. Consistent with applicable law, Constellation uses uniform income, deposit and credit requirements in determining whether to offer service to our customers.


Q: Will I incur extra charges if my home’s usage goes significantly above or below my usual level for a given period of time?

A: There will be no penalties or extra charges if your usage changes; you will continue to be charged the rate as set forth or determined in accordance with your agreement with us. Your monthly cost is determined by simply multiplying the rate set forth in your agreement by your total monthly energy usage.​


Q: How do I contact Constellation’s customer service to discuss billing or other non-utility issues?

A: If you have a concern or question, call us at 1-877-997-9995 or email us at


Q: What is a kilowatt-hour (kWh) and where can I find kWh on my bill?

A: A kilowatt-hour is the standard unit of measure for electricity. Specifically, a kilowatt-hour is defined as the unit of energy that is expended on one hour by one kilowatt of power. The total number of kilowatt-hours charged to your bill is determined by your electricity use.​


Q: Whom should I contact if I have a question regarding the status of energy competition or licensed retail energy providers (REPs) in my market?

A: You should contact your local Public Utility Commission or Public Service Commission. ​


Q: Whom should I contact if I would like to file a formal complaint against my electricity or natural gas supplier?

A: Formal complaints may be filed with your local Public Utility Commission or Public Service Commission.​


Q: I pay my utility bill online. Can I continue to do that if I choose Constellation as my supplier?

A: If you have signed up for online billing with your utility, then you should be able to continue to pay your utility bill online.​


Q: What do I do if my power goes out?

A: Contact your local utility and report the outage. Your local utility, or distribution company, is still responsible for maintaining the reliability of the transmission and distribution system, including the poles, wires and pipelines that deliver your electricity and natural gas supply to your facility. 


Energy Choice

Q: What is Energy Choice and what is its purpose?

A: Energy Choice is a term used to describe the situation where consumers have the option to select who provides their electric generation supply. In competitive or restructured markets, the traditional monopoly structure for supplying electricity to retail consumers is opened to choice and competing suppliers. This happens via a legislative or regulatory initiative and is addressed at the state level. Energy Choice is still in its early stages, yet customers are already realizing its benefits - more competitive energy prices, improved customer service and technological and product innovations have been spurred by retail competition.​


Q: How can a competitive supplier like Constellation offer a lower price than my utility?

A: As a competitive supplier of electricity and natural gas, Constellation can provide pricing options that more closely reflect the current market.​


Q: What stays the same if I choose a new supplier?

A: Everything else. You will continue to receive reliable service. Service components such as wires, pipelines, meters, and transformers will remain where they are. Physical modifications are not required because your energy is delivered through the same transmission and distribution system owned and operated by your utility. Your local utility will continue to be responsible for delivering electricity and natural gas, and costs associated with those delivery services will continue to be charged by your local utility at your current rates.

You will also still receive one bill from your utility. Your bill will appear the same as it has in the past. Your utility will continue to service all equipment—such as your meter, wires, and pipelines— as well as respond to any power outages.​


Q: If I pursue Energy Choice and select a new supplier, what changes?

A: Choice allows you to pursue pricing options and plans for the generation supply portion of your energy bill that may be lower than what your utility is currently offering. You may also experience improved customer service when you choose a new energy supplier.​


Renewable Energy 

Q: What is Green-e Energy?

A: Green-e Energy is the nation's leading independent certification and verification program for renewable energy and companies that use renewable energy. Green-e Energy sets consumer protection and environmental standards for renewable electricity products. Green-e Energy standards address such issues as the environmental performance of the facility, the year in which the facility began operation, and the year in which the REC was generated. The Green-e Energy label certifies that the power is from an eligible renewable energy resource.​


Q: What are the Benefits of RECs?

A: A REC allows attributes of renewable power to be "stored," unlike electrons which are used immediately. Renewable Energy Certificates make it easy for a buyer to purchase green power because they can be sold separately from electricity. They can be purchased from a variety of locations, and the REC purchase can be based on any amount of electricity. Buying RECs provides support to renewable resources, and in certain cases, the buyer may adjust its emissions from the purchase of electricity.​


Q: What is a Renewable Energy Certificate (REC)?

A: A REC represents the environmental attributes of one megawatt hour (MWh) of electricity generated from renewable sources delivered somewhere on the power grid. The attributes may be sold separately from the associated electricity. Attributes represented by a REC include the fuel source (wind, solar, etc.), actual emissions from the facility, the location and vintage of the facility, and the date that the MWh that produced the REC was generated.


Q: What is Renewable Energy?

A: Renewable Energy, also known as green power, is energy generated by the sun, wind, earth, and water. These resources replenish themselves naturally. Renewable energy fuels include solar, landfill biomass, wind and geothermal.​