Natural Gas Choice Programs
Natural Gas Choice Programs

Natural Gas to Service Your Home or Small Business 

Natural Gas Choice Programs give residents and small businesses the chance to consider a plan to better serve their budgets. By choosing a different pricing option, residents and small business now have an additional opportunity to possibly save.

Flexible Pricing Options

Fixed Price: Customers that find price certainty and predictability important tend to choose plans with a fixed price. A fixed price ensures the same price over an entire contract period and can prove very helpful if natural gas supply rates rise.

Market Index Rate: Customers that are looking to benefit from prices that may at times be lower than a fixed price choose this plan for flexibility. A variable rate comes with complete market exposure, which means that while the customer will pay less if prices go down, they will also pay more if prices go up.

Blended Option: If a customer wants to benefit from the predictability of a fixed price and the potential benefits of a variable rate, we also offer a blended plan.

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We currently provide natural gas choice program services in Ohio, and Nebraska, and new areas are always under consideration. Select your state below to get started.



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