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As one of the top three natural gas suppliers in the United States, we are highly committed to helping our residential customers receive competitive pricing for reliable natural gas service.


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Signing up for a new residential natural gas supplier is easy. State regulations may vary but other than signing up for a new natural gas supply plan, you shouldn’t have to do anything else.

We keep natural gas offers simple, providing low-cost natural gas rates that are presented clearly in “Therms,” which represents 100,000 BTUs of energy. We offer a variety of plans depending on where you live, which include:

Fixed Rate Plans
Customers that find price certainty and predictability important tend to choose plans with a fixed price. A fixed price ensures you’ll get the same price over your entire contract period and can prove very helpful if natural gas supply rates rise.

Variable Rate Plans
Available in only select states, customers choose this residential natural gas plan for flexibility. We provide the lowest possible price that we can, given the price conditions and the current natural gas rates in any given month.

If you live in one of these service areas, you have the power to choose your own home natural gas supplier. Get started today!


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