I Am Constellation

Our Promise.
Our Passion and Purpose.
Our Culture.


Our Purpose

Powering a cleaner and brighter future for our customers and communities.

Our Passion

  • Serving customers
  • Bettering our environment through energy efficiency
  • Supporting our communities

Our Promise

We pledge to bring our best everyday and work as a team to deliver Our Passion by:

  • Living our Values
  • Fostering a culture of genuine respect, care, inclusion and empowerment
  • Delivering professional and expert service that earns the trust and loyalty of our customers

Customer Commitment

We innovate to better serve our customers.

  • I am welcoming, courteous, responsive and respectful to my internal and external customers
  • I am accountable to my customers and coworkers to conduct myself every day according to our core values
  • I make it easy and convenient for customers to do business with us
  • I create personalized and memorable experiences for our customers
  • I take ownership of customer problems and ensure resolution


We succeed as an inclusive and diverse team.

  • I am proud of our company's positive reputation and work hard to uphold it
  • I celebrate success by recognizing and applauding individual and collective achievements
  • I respect and support my colleagues and embrace our differences
  • I continuously seek opportunities to remove roadblocks, improve service and remain open to change
  • I value diversity and the contributions of all company employees

Integrity & Accountability

We act with integrity and are accountable to our communities and the environment.

  • I protect the privacy of my customers, colleagues, and all confidential company information
  • I control costs and am committed to our company's values
  • I strive to make a positive difference in the lives of the customer and communities I serve
  • I am committed to using natural resources responsibly, preventing pollution, and protecting the environment
  • I promote the use of recyclable and energy-efficient products


We actively pursue excellence.

  • I show pride, enthusiasm and dedication in everything I do
  • I am empowered to take initiative and do what is right for the customer and the company
  • I am committed to operational excellence and continuous improvement
  • I hold myself accountable for my decisions, actions and results
  • I am proud of my professional appearance, language, attitude and behavior


We are dedicated to safety.

  • I embrace the belief that all injuries are preventable and work to achieve zero injuries and accidents
  • I create and maintain a safe and healthy work environment
  • I engage in responsible safety practices at all times
  • I foster continuous safety performance improvement
  • I am dedicated to putting safety first