Finding the Best Energy Options for Your Home

Residential Plans

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Interested in a new energy supplier? You're in the right spot. Constellation offers a variety of home energy options to fit budgets, values and needs across the United States.

When you join the Constellation family you're joining a company that is part of a Fortune 100 energy company, and the hundreds of thousands of customers who place their trust in us. Constellation has energy choices to help you run your household as smoothly and as energy-efficiently as possible. Natural gas, electricity, renewable energy, solar — you can find them all in Constellation homes across America.

Beyond offering you that choice, we want to make transitioning to a new energy supplier as simple as possible. Getting started with a new energy plan is just a click or phone call away! Most of our energy options have fixed-rate plans making it simple to budget your home energy services and know you've got money to spend on the fun things in life that matter most to you.

Choosing a residential energy supplier is easy with Constellation!

Ready to choose Constellation as your energy supplier? Get the energy options in your state and start today!

Want to know a bit more before you get going? Here's a summary of Constellation's home energy options:

Constellation home energy options:

Electricity: Constellation offers service in numerous states across America to provide a variety of electric rates and services.

Find out how Constellation can help supply electricity in your home.


Natural Gas: Constellation offers affordable natural gas energy options throughout America. We have fixed-rate and variable plans designed to fit every household budget need.

Find out if Constellation supplies natural gas in your state.


Solar: Constellation knows consumers increasingly want solar energy options for their homes. That's why we're regularly adding solar energy to our renewable energy offerings in select states. We work with solar installer Sunrun on this program.

Find out if Constellation can help you power your home with solar energy.


Renewable Energy: You can match a percentage of your electricity usage with renewable energy credits through one of Constellation's renewable energy plans.

Join the renewable energy effort now with Constellation's renewable energy offerings.

Home Energy Services: Constellation's concern for its customers doesn't stop with being an energy supplier. Constellation Home also offers home energy services that include repair assistance with heating, air conditioning, plumbing, electrical and appliances.

Find out how Constellation can help you maintain your HVAC, appliances and more.