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Is Your Household in a Thermostat War?

Ever wonder what temperature your house should be? Or if thermostat settings differ from summer to winter so you can be more energy efficient and see potential savings on your energy bill.

See what the best thermostat setting is for winter to keep the peace at home

When's the Best Time to Lock-in Natural Gas Rates?

Are you shopping around for a new natural gas plan? You may be wondering when the best time to lock in natural gas rates, which can help you get the right plan for you. Knowing when natural gas prices typically change may help you take advantage of lower rates and secure a better price for the long term.

Find out when the best time to lock in natural gas prices is

Short-Term vs. Long-Term Electricity Contracts

Is your energy contract up and you're trying to decide between signing a short-term or a long-term contract? There’s a lot to consider before entering into a new electricity plan, like the contract’s length, rates, fees and terms and conditions. Choosing the right contract now could possibly help you save on energy expenses in the future.

Learn how electricity contracts work