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Fixed Price and Index Price

Explore the benefits and tradeoffs between the two most familiar options for managing your electricity cost. Learn More ›


Like a fixed price, MVPe offers a “set it and forget it” strategy with budget certainty, minus the risk of locking in a single-point-in-time fixed price. Learn More ›

Information to Implementation

A set of tools and expert support that helps you manage and refine purchasing decisions over time. Plan strategies, track budgets, and make informed decisions about your energy purchases. Learn More ›

Flexible Index Solutions

With this blended approach, businesses can easily attain a fixed price for a percentage of their usage without the complexity of managing block purchases.
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Natural Gas

Managed Portfolio Services

If your business would like to meet cost related objectives and spend more time focusing on other aspects of running its operations, you can pursue our full-service model.
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Minimize Volatile Pricing (MVP)

If your business is interested in a strategic approach for locking in prices without having to spend time watching for market highs and lows.
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Managed Procurement Program

If your business is interested in innovative risk management-based solutions to manage natural gas costs and pursue financial goals, you can mitigate risk through a structured portfolio approach.
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Natural Gas Choice Program

If your small business is located in a state with a competitive energy market, we can provide you with a wide array of pricing options and plans to help your business manage your natural gas usage and costs to protect your bottom line.
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Sustainable Solutions

Energy Efficiency

Energy conservation measures can go a long way toward lowering consumption and associated costs while achieving sustainability goals.
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Load Response

For businesses able and willing to curtail energy use in response to various grid conditions, Load Response programs can deliver revenue and energy offsets while minimizing the risk of sudden disruptions.
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Renewable Energy

Businesses can easily enhance their energy strategies by procuring varying amounts of green power - up to 100% - and earning certification that validates their efforts.
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Explore the impact of having Constellation design, build, own, operate, and maintain an on-site or utility scale solar project that requires no capital from the customer.
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