Solving Small Business Natural Gas Energy Needs

Business people make choices every day — whether or not to hire someone, whether it makes sense to expand a product line. But the impact of these choices in terms of cost or potential risk is particularly critical to small businesses. The margin for mistakes is smaller. Constellation is here to help answer your natural gas questions and help you choose the best energy source for your company.

Why Constellation?

There’s no substitute for experience, and when it comes to choosing a supplier for natural gas for your small business, you need an expert. As one of the top three retail natural gas suppliers in the United States, we are highly committed to providing competitive pricing and reliable customer service to our natural gas customers.

How Gas Choice Works
Thanks to the competitive marketplace, you now have the power to secure a fixed rate plan for your small business. Gas choice customers still rely on their local utility for service to their lines, reading the meter and responding to emergencies. By making the switch to Constellation, you will enjoy:

  • No transfer fees from Constellation
  • No installation of extra equipment is needed for most customers
  • A seamless transition

Is gas choice available in your state? View our service areas, or give Constellation a call at: 855-585-3935.

Constellation can help you determine the ideal pricing solution for your small business. Contact a customer service representative, or request a quote.